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Our end-of-year run down. How to finish the year with strong energy

Updated: Oct 25, 2023


I’m feeling it – are you? Skidding towards the end of the year and the magical promise of a rest. Except that’s rarely how it works out. The end of the year is NOT a rest for so many of us, rather another tick in the overwhelm box.

I’ve discovered the perfect word for it – Exhaustipated! According to Wikipedia, this is a combination of Exhausted + Constipated - we’re all just too tired to give a shit!

Yes, doesn’t that sound right!

What is it about this time of year that brings out this feeling? I find myself seesawing between exhaustion and overwhelm and I’m not alone in this. So many of us are barely holding on – not getting through what we need to, caring less than we feel we ‘should’ be, feeling guilty for not exercising enough or eating well enough, barely keeping up with life admin, and don’t get me started on Christmas events - they’re fun, until you’re organising one!

How do we keep the energy flowing when we’d rather permission to fall into a heap!?

This is such a common problem right now that I can’t help but write about it. I find myself surrounded with amazing professionals who have been pushing hard all year and now feeling like they’re running out of puff.

Ideally, we’d all be building lives where LIFE IS THE REST rather than exhaustion, but that’s not how the modern world is working out.

Are we all pushing ourselves just that bit too hard?

Feeling exhausted + not caring are 2 of the 3 big indicators that burnout is looming. The only other indicator missing is lacking self-efficacy. This is basically feeling less confident, more down on ourselves, overdoing the ‘shoulds’ and comparisons with your former glorious self or with others. I’m sure many of us are beating ourselves up for this one as well.

We know that burnout is caused by prolonged and unchecked stress and there are 2 types of stress at play...

1. Stressful moments and events that happen quickly and allow you to recover.

2. Chronic stress or the constant, prolonged type of stress that becomes the real killer in burnout.

At its worst, chronic stress is that constant low-level thrum that takes hold. You may already know the kind – the teeth grinding, anxiety inducing, mind numbing stress that ends up being a constant companion. Often the problem is we don't even know it's there.

If you’ve been living with chronic stress for a while…

  • Pushing yourself hard in life and work

  • Taking in the news and the tragedies unfolding around the world

  • Ignoring the healthy practices that keep you sane

  • Picking up bad vibes from those around you

  • Worrying about the cost-of-living crisis

  • Experiencing interpersonal conflict

…this list goes on. All of these contribute to chronic stress. The outcome? A bad case of exhaustipation!

Let’s get on top of this NOW

Yes! Now we’ve diagnosed the problem, let’s do something about our exhaustipation now…today…before it depletes all our end-of-year spirit. Big feelings like overwhelm and exhaustion sneak up on us, so the remedy can also take some time. BUT you can also get some immediate relief by starting with a few small tweaks.

Here are 3 actions to take now to help overcome exhaustipation and instead finish the year energy strong. I’ll be doing them as well, and already have a cruise booked for January 2023!

1. Prioritise energy building activities – What charges your energy battery? Consider the list of energy builders below and identify what’s going to work between now and the end-of-year to build your energy back up again. Crucial step - then block out some time for these in your diary.

Beyond Burnout Energy Givers

2. Add in some breathing space - This is the opposite of productivity, breathing space is about scheduling time for rest and recharge. This time is crucial for clearing your mind, having your best ideas, and processing your thoughts and feelings. It can be as little as 10 minutes over a hot drink, going for a walk, or scheduling an evening on the couch - whatever works for you.

I challenge you to look at your schedule for the week and take one thing out, replacing it with some healthy breathing space. Over time you can practice this until it becomes your daily habit.

3. Schedule something to look forward to - This is about having something in your diary that feels inspired. Whether it's a friendly social catch-up, an event to attend, a trip you'll take, booking a massage, even just buying tickets for the future - schedule something for future you that brings a sense of inspiration, even joy. This is a powerful way of keeping your forward focus positive rather than overwhelming.

The best time to start is NOW!

As soon as you stop reading this, go get these done. No delay!! The commonality here is you are proactively adding these to your schedule. Use your work diary, planner, phone alarm, wall calendar, post-it notes, phone-a-friend – whatever works for you. As much as you can, start your planning with what YOU need and plan the week around that!

I'd love to know how you go – so slide into my DMs or send me an email with what you’re committing to doing and we can do this together.

And excuse the plug, but the fresh energy of 2024 has already taken hold in my mind and I’m inviting you to join me!

One Degree Club -

The One Degree Club starts January and is about building your energy in 2024. It's also about achieving your new year’s resolutions and making small life and mindset adjustments, just one-degree changes, until life is heading in a whole new direction.

It’s a powerful combination of an online-course and group coaching that will build you a supportive community with like-minded professionals.

Sarah Vizer - Leadership and Mindset Coach

Sarah Vizer is the creator of Beyond Burnout.

As a Leadership and Mindset Coach she supports our top professionals unleash their talents, feeling and operating at their best.

She offers individual and team support for you and your organisation.

Find out more at


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