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Burnout - A Case for Change

After 20 years of priding myself on being a high performer I found myself burnt out and unable to maintain my high standards.  This prompted a deep exploration into burnout - the facts, the myths, the ways forward.  


Over 3 years I conducted an incredible amount of research, including:

  • Deeply exploring my own burnout journey with the help of a psychologist (3 years worth!)

  • Collecting stories through interviewing and coaching others on their burnout journey

  • Researching facts from doctors, neuroscientists and any other medical professional with insight to share.

What came up over and over again is that burnout affects our most motivated, our high performers, our hardest workers and those who care.  These are the people you want to retain in your organisation!

Burnout was already on the rise before 2020, but COVID challenges have really pushed the numbers over the edge.  I've shared some of the latest research below.

To your success,


WHAT DOES THE LATEST RESEARCH SAY? Why should you care about high stress and burnout?

In a 2021 survey of office based workers*...

 >> 53% of Australian respondents say they have suffered from working too hard / burnout during the last 12 months 
>>  51% of Managers did not find it easy to identify when staff may be struggling with overwork or burnout 
>>  71% of Employees view having the right support for mental health at work will be important to them in future.

Clearly, the time of pushing all responsibility of burnout onto the individual has now passed!

These are the people around you – in your team, in your wider organisation.  Hey, maybe it’s you!  The consensus is in….clearly interventions are required to prevent and manage high stress and burnout in our organisations.  

Burnt out people burn out people!  We've realised that stress can be catching and failure to manage our mental wellness at work directly results in lost productivity, resignations, increased absenteeism, lower engagement and morale, not to mention decreased organisational performance.

Dealing with burnout culture head-on is not only about future proofing the sustainability of your people’s careers, but also ensuring the viability of your business as a whole.


What is burnout and how can Beyond Burnout help?

Burnout is a syndrome of exhaustion, cynicism and inefficacy.  A burnout culture can be deep and pervasive and puts leaders in a tough position - not only burnt out themselves but also trying to manage team members in a burnout spiral.

Beyond Burnout is all about performance without burnout.  I deliver coaching, workshops and evidence-based programs to draw out the best in our leaders whilst buffering against burnout.  This is not second-hand research…it’s based on practical experience and hard-won wisdom!

My aim is to improve health and wellbeing all round.  My coaching and programs save people years of angst, developing the knowledge and strategies they need to feel and operate at their best and sustain this over the long-term.  Together we break the burnout cycle, navigating away from burnout back to motivation and productivity.



*Source:  Resetting Normal - Defining the New Era of Work 2021, Adecco Group Survey 2021

Burnout Culture Scorecard

an assessment for teams - free for a limited time

How well is your organisation coping with the burnout epidemic?

The current workplace trend we are seeing is a feeling of COLLECTIVE BURNOUT affecting whole teams!  Leaders and employees alike are feeling so burnt out they end up leaving not only the organisation, but the whole profession altogether.

The Burnout Culture Scorecard looks to measure the affects on the individual of working within a burnout culture and assess the impact of burnout present within your team.

Give me a call directly, book a consultation directly in my diary or use the enquiry form below for further information and to book Beyond Burnout's services.  


I look forward to helping you and your team achieve high performance and move Beyond Burnout.

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