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Sarah Vizer - Beyond Burnout

Leadership and Mindset Coach
Sarah Vizer

My Story

One minute I was at my peak of my career and priding myself on high performance, the next I had completely burnt out!  I now help our top professionals save YEARS of angst by building SUSTAINABILITY into their career.

After 20 years in a corporate career I came to a real life crisis point.  Yes, it was BURNOUT and not to be dramatic, but it really sucked the life-force out of my mind, body and soul! I was struggling so badly with what I now know is quite typical burnout symptoms.


I spent 2 YEARS spinning my wheels until I really felt back on track again. I now like to think of myself as a ROLE MODEL of how you can turn your life around after burnout. But I'm also a CAUTIONARY TALE of what not to do!

I’m the creator of ‘Beyond Burnout’ which is all about PERFORMANCE WITHOUT BURNOUT.  I combine experience with current, evidence-based research to develop the programs that bring clients back to feeling and operating at their best.   

Whether you want to reach new levels of performance, look for ways to break the burnout cycle or future proof your career, there will be great value in these programs for you and our team.

Sarah Vizer - Beyond Burnout

20 years of corporate experience

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I have over 20 years of experience as a mentor, leader and corporate consultant.  Most recently I worked with top tier organisations such as PwC, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, specialising in leading organisation-wide technology and cultural change.

In 2019, filling a gap in the market BEYOND BURNOUT was born.  As a Leadership and Mindset Coach I have 2 areas of focus:

  1. HIGH PERFORMANCE drawing out the best in our leaders, sustainably igniting motivation, focus and energy in our top professionals. 

  2. BURNOUT PREVENTION - breaking the cycle of burnout, performance without burnout.


Combining experience with current, evidence-based research, I develop the systems that achieve client transformation. My background in consulting, coaching and change management works perfectly, assisting people transition to new beliefs and ways of working.


My growing body of thought leadership includes the Burnout Recovery Process – how we fully move past burnout, as well as published articles and contributions in the media, as well as my own knowledge bank blog.


Sarah Vizer - Certified Coach

Diploma of Leadership Coaching

Professional coaching qualification with the Australian Institute of Professional Coaches. Based on the principles of positive psychology this is certified through the ICF - International Coaching Federation.

Sarah Vizer - Certified Coach

Professional Change Practitioner

Accredited in PROSCI which is considered the leading change qualification in the business.

PROSCI offers research based training and certification based on the ADKAR model.

Sarah Vizer - Certified Coach

Based in sunny Queensland, Australia! 

Whilst I'm physically in Brisbane, I work with people and organisations from all around Australia and globally.  

My current mission is to use my lessons from life and work to inspire other top professionals. Favourite topics include building sustainable solutions, tapping into resilience and maintaining high performance...all without burning out of course!

Let me help you feel and operate at your best, sustainably over the long-term.

Sarah Vizer - Beyond Burnout
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