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One Degree Club

12 Weeks of Coaching + Online Learning.  

Need more energy in 2024? Got a new year's resolution that you absolutely want to achieve?  This is our 12 week focus ... making small life and mindset adjustments until life is heading in a whole new direction.



- Access to Stronger Foundations (online program)

- 6 coaching sessions

- Small group community

Make this the year you harness your mojo and achieve those inspiring goals.

Reserve a spot (limit 10)*

Begins January 2024

     * Early-bird discount until 20 December 2023.  Use code: EARLY2023

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    Want more out of 2024?

    On an average workday …

    • Do you often feel tired, stressed, overwhelmed?

    • Are you prone to strong emotions like irritation, frustration, anger or even grief?

    • ​Are you procrastinating?  Frustrated you’re not achieving your goals?

    • ​Maybe you’re just not into your work and / or your life the same way you used to be?


    If you answered YES to any of these questions you may be experiencing low energy, even high stress or some degree of BURNOUT. And for some of us it’s been building up for a very long time.


    I’ve created a powerful program that utilises evidence-based tools to shed the stress and burnout baggage of previous years and achieve what you really want in 2024 - your year of small changes that builds energy and results.


    Along the way you’ll also:

    • Bullet proof yourself from stress and burnout

    • Identify what’s stopped you in the past and move past these old patterns

    • Confidently set goals for 2024 that you want to achieve

    • Ignite that energy, leading to motivation and focus...ready to take action.

    What is the One Degree Club?

    With my coaching clients I find myself saying the same thing over-and-over again...  


    Think about a ship changing direction.  To build your energy and make changes it’s just one degree, or one small step, at a time.  Magic is created with those small adjustments and good habits that stack on top of each other. By the end you've changed the trajectory of your ship and have a whole new direction in life!


    This is our 12 week focus ... making small life and mindset adjustments until you’re heading in your new direction - one where you’re feeling and operating at your best.  Make 2024 your year of small changes that together builds your energy and creates those big results.

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    Beyond Burnout - Energy to Burn

    Who is this for?

    This is for our top professionals.  For leaders.  

    For high performers.  For the highly motivated.  

    For those who are empathetic and care.  

    If you relate to any of the above, you fit the mould for the type of person who typically wants to improve their life and sometimes feels that stuck energy.  

    In 2024 we will find an easier way to do work and life.  Moving from stuckness to transformation.  Taking action and feeling confident whilst doing so.   Best of all, we are doing all this as part of a supportive community.  

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    What's included? 

    Online Course opens from 1 January 2024

    Group Session start 30 January 2024

    Reserve a spot (limit 10)*

    Begins January 2024

    ONE DEGREE CLUB is about making those small life and mindset adjustments in order to make 2024 the year you harness your mojo and achieve those inspiring goals.

    • RESILIENCE & ENGAGEMENT - Tap into your natural resilience and re-engage with what you want and how best to achieve it.

    • IMPROVE SELF-AWARENESS - Identify patterns, blindspots, create healthy beliefs.

    • OVERALL HEALTH AND WELLBEING -Reduce stress & overwhelm, get your mojo back, build healthy habits for the long-term.

    • CAREER SUSTAINABILITY - Improve long-term career focus, future proof your career from the harmful effects of stress and burnout.

    • TAKE ACTION - Be held accountable for achieving the goals you put in place.

     * Early-bird discount until 20 December 2023.  Use code: EARLY2023

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    Stronger Foundations

    Designed for deep reflection over a number of months, Stronger Foundations will lift you out of high stress and burnout behaviours, into a more enjoyable and sustainable way of being.

    Stronger Foundations is an online program you can complete in your own time, at your own pace.  It’s designed for you to go deep - really getting to the heart of what drives burnout and how to structure life for more energy and vitality.

    The content is packed with the experience and stories from those who have gone before and backed up with evidence based research and tools to build your stronger foundations for more career longevity and life sustainability.

    The outcome is a new way forward that’s sustainable in the long-term.  It also helps you develop into a better leader, with the knowledge and skills to confidently handle burnout in those around you.

    Small Group Coaching

    Investing in your personal / professional growth and going deep into the Stronger Foundations topics.


    Our coaching sessions support the one degree changes you want to make as a part of Stronger Foundations.  


    The aim is to develop small chunks of knowledge that you can directly apply, unlock insight as well as set and achieve goals for your future.  These sessions also draw out beliefs that aren’t serving you and helping you identify new ways of operating.  


    Each session is tailored to the group and driven by their requirements.   Not only will you be able to bring your own learning and challenges, but also learn from the experience of others.


    During the 12 week program you’ll be encouraged to set a goal that inspires you.   Goal topics include:

    • Achieving balance - hobbies, travel, new experiences

    • Career enhancements - new qualifications, career advancement, job changes

    • Relationships - expanding your circle, new relationships

    • Lifestyle - new skills, diet and exercise

    • Anything else you set your mind to doing!

    Beyond Burnout Program
    Beyond Burnout Energy to Burn

    1 Degree Club Pricing

    $2,500 for 12-week program.


    -Stronger Foundations online program

    -6 coaching sessions

    -Power of community.

    Option of 3 monthly payments available in payment portal.  

    Reserve a spot (limit 10)*

    Begins January 2024

     * Early-bird discount until 20 December 2023.  Use code: EARLY2023

    Still have questions?

    Access full information about the One Degree Club and Stronger Foundations Program by following the link below.

    If you want to meet me before splashing cash then I'd love that and please book a zoom call in my calendar.   

    I look forward to having you in the program.


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