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Too Tired to Think - Guide to long-term fatigue

Book - Coming Soon

Do you know someone living with long-term fatigue?  Maybe it's you!


I've been dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome for over 7 years now and I've written a book about how to navigate physically and mentally what is a debilitating, long-term, and often hidden condition.  


TOO TIRED TO THINK is a practical guide to living with long-term fatigue.  Full of tools and support, it is a must-read for those struggling with fatigue effects from the conditions:

  • Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) 

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Long-COVID.  

My lessons and personal stories are supplemented with over 20 short vignettes that share the common struggles we can face when dealing with fatigue.  Some of these struggles include:

  • Initially getting a diagnosis, then finding good treatment and a supportive medical team.  

  • Dealing with daily symptoms such as brain fog, inability to exercise, pain, and finding the energy for even simple tasks. 

  • Finding support in our daily life and being able to explain to those around us what we are experiencing.

This book brings to life these stories and provides practical tools for building a better future.  As a mindset coach, I use to my first-hand knowledge of living long-term with this condition to help you navigate the ups and downs, supporting you navigate what I know can be a really difficult time.  By the end you'll feel seen and heard and know you're part of a wider community. 

You can have access immediately to the free supporting e-book and will also be kept informed on availability of the book.  I take privacy seriously and will never share your details or spam you with irrelevant information - none of us have the energy for that!

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Free supporting e-book now available!

Your free e-book is a series of 4 conversation starters that are designed to help people experiencing long-term fatigue develop shared understanding, deeper bonds, and mutual support with the key relationships around them.  

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