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Beyond Burnout Membership & Programs

Helping you FEEL and OPERATE at your best!  


Energy to Burn Membership - Starts mid 2023 

Burnout Breakout Session 

Stabilising Challenge (short-course) - only $29

Personalised 1:1 Coaching

Free Resources 

Sarah Vizer - Burnout Solutions

Energy to Burn Membership

6 Months Coaching + Online Program. 

Working both individually and as a group, this is a structured program designed to help you feel and operate at your best.


  • Bite-sized chunks of knowledge applied over a few months

  • Tap into your strengths and ongoing mindset development

  • Maintain mental health and well-being

  • Incrementally restore your energy and vitality, increase your drive and motivation.


Coming in mid 2023 - Register your interest

Sarah Vizer - Burnout Solutions

Burnout Breakout Session

For when you need a result...and fast!

If you're in a rut, feeling burnt out and don't know how to break the cycle of high stress and burnout, this session will help you move forward.

The process we take is...

  • Start with an Assessment for individual reflection.

  • Engage in 1:1 Coaching/Mentoring to dig deep.

  • End with an individual Breakout Plan to move you forward.

Sarah Vizer - Burnout Solutions

Stabilising Challenge (short-course)

1.5 hours to build a stress-resilient lifestyle.

This online course provides easy-to-implement tools and techniques that will help calm your nervous system. Using these techniques, you'll feel more grounded and in control of your stress and burnout symptoms. 

  1. Gain tools to calm yourself in real time

  2. Deal with stress and anxiety as it arises

  3. Stop the constant fight or flight response

  4. Implement simple lifestyle factors to handle high stress and burnout symptoms.

Sarah Vizer - Burnout Solutions

Personalised Coaching (1:1 Sessions)

1:1 Professional Coaching Packages

Coaching is a process to help you feel and operate at your best. 

You can expect to improve self-awareness, overcome roadblocks, enhance leadership capability, create momentum/motivation and gain clarity around those important decisions.  

Discover what working one-to-one with a professional coach can do for you.   

Sarah Vizer - Burnout Solutions

Access a free survey to understand your burnout risk

Access premium content to understand burnout and take action towards a happier and more energised future.

Not sure yet
what you need?

If you have questions, please book a zoom call in my calendar and I will talk you through the options.   

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