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How to Embrace the Joy of Quiet Quitting Without Blowing up your Career!

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

As an Alumnus of Griffith University I was recently asked to write an article for their Alumni blog. I chose a topic that recently has hit the media hard - QUIET QUITTING! This screams stress and burnout - 2 topics I love to talk about!

Current reality is quiet quitting is a trend stemming from dissatisfaction and an unhealthy response to the stressors placed on our ever-growing jaded workforce. But done the right way, I believe elements of quiet quitting can lessen your risk of burnout.

If you find yourself checked out, day-in/day-out wishing you were anywhere but in your currently workplace then read on!!

Below is an excerpt from the article and you can read the full article here.


Quiet quitting is the latest trend blowing up on social media, but what does it mean?

In simple terms quiet quitting is not outright quitting your job, but rather quitting the idea of going above and beyond in your workplace. For some, it’s doing the bare minimum - just enough to not get yourself fired. For others, it’s sticking to the job description with scrupulous precision, declining anything not specifically deemed in your realm of responsibility.

Quiet quitting is not a new concept. In Australia there has always been elements of ‘slacking off’, ‘chucking a sickie’ or ‘just calling it in’.

And despite what you may read, it’s not just millennials. It’s people of all ages, sitting at their desk but mentally checked out.

For some of us it’s been a long-time coming.

Why has quiet quitting become so common?

During 2021 and the Great Resignation, people said, “Enough” and left toxic jobs, leaders, and workplaces in droves. It was loud and proud – a real kick in the guts to those we deemed had done us wrong.

But what happens when you don’t have the energy for such a loud response? What if you can’t afford a new job right now?

Recent Gallup statistics paint a dire picture in the US. Around 50% of the surveyed workforce are ‘not engaged’, or in other words open to doing the bare minimum.

As a Burnout Researcher I’ve seen this trend for years now – people cannot perform in the same way and at the same pace they once did.

In a 2021 global survey of office-based workers, Australia led the world in rates of burnout. More than half (53%) of respondents, reported suffering from burnout over the past 12 months. If it’s not you, it’s bound to be the person sitting beside you!

Maybe quiet quitting is our response – a rebellion to former attitudes in the corporate world. Blowback from our grinding, hustle culture. Never quite being able to switch off. Deadlines. Bad bosses. Toxic workplaces. A complete lack of sustainability in our pace of life.

Healthy and unhealthy aspects of quiet quitting.....

Read the full article here.


Sarah Vizer is the creator of Beyond Burnout.

As a Leadership and Performance Coach she supports our top professionals unlock the high achievement they are so capable of, without the burnout of course!

She offers individual and team support for you and your organisation.

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