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Energy to Burn 

Performance Coaching + Online Learning.  

Personal and professional support as you navigate away from high stress and burnout, towards what provides you with energy and vitality.

Tap into your strengths, find new ways to feel energised and build strategies for long-term sustainability across both your life and career.

Reserve a spot (limit 10)

Begins 10 January 2023

    Sarah Vizer - Burnout Solutions

    Stuck in a cycle of burnout?

    What does it feel like to be stuck in a cycle of burnout?

    • Do you often feel exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed?

    • Are you prone to strong emotions like irritation, frustration, anger or grief?

    • Do you have the drive, but feel like you’re not achieving what you want to?

    • Have you lost motivation or feel like you’ve lost your self-assurance?

    • Has your health and wellbeing slipped down the priority list?


    Burnout is not just about work.  It’s a profound loss of energy across all areas of your life.  


    Beyond Burnout is all about regaining that energy - feeling and operating at your peak.  This is about you – unlocking your energy, your passion, a new sense of meaning and purpose.     

    What is Energy to Burn?

    Energy to Burn membership offers small, chunks of knowledge that can be applied straight away.  It's about gradually building awareness of what gives you energy, helping you feel and operate at your best.


    Through a combination of skill building and reflection…

    • Your long-term view of life feels meaningful and sustainable.

    • You feel a renewed sense of motivation, energised to get through each day.

    • Triggers like irritation, anger, grief or guilt are recognised and managed.  

    • You’ve overcome fears, such as letting people down or not being good enough.

    • You are able to take full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.

    • You have solid support structures in place.

    • You are able to make decisions with confidence.

    • You feel more resilient, more in-control, ready to take on life's challenges. 

    Beyond Burnout - Energy to Burn

    Who is this for?

    This is for our top professionals.  For leaders.  

    For high performers.  For the highly motivated.  

    For those who are empathetic and care.  

    If you relate to any of the above, you fit the mould for the type of person who typically experiences burnout.  

    We take your strengths and learn how to apply them in a way that is sustainable and energising in the long-term.

    Sarah Vizer - Burnout Solutions

    What does membership include?

    Membership begins 10 January 2023 

    January Topic - How to excel this year without burning out!

    Energy to Burn offers value, directly addressing the area’s most at risk when you are on the verge of burnout.  

    • RESILIENCE & ENGAGEMENT - Tap into your natural resilience and re-engage with what you want and how best to achieve it.

    • IMPROVE SELF-AWARENESS - Identify patterns, blindspots, create healthy beliefs.

    • OVERALL HEALTH AND WELLBEING -Reduce stress & overwhelm, get your mojo back, build healthy habits for the long-term.

    • CAREER SUSTAINABILITY - Improve long-term career focus, future proof your career from the harmful effects of stress and burnout.

    • TAKE ACTION - Be held accountable for achieving the goals you put in place.

    Beyond Burnout - Energy to Burn

    An on-line, self-paced course…

    • 6 Modules designed for reflection that progressively builds insight

    • Workbook for each module

    • On-demand so you can move through it as fast or as slow as you like, as many times as you need.

    • Bonuses – including templates, visualisations and more.

    Access 2 Sessions each month.

    • Session 1 - Deep Dive Topic, First Tuesday - Presentation and deep dive into a topic of interest and relevance.  Session recorded and available through membership portal.

    • Session 2 - Sharing Circle, Third Thursday - Group coaching session with a focus on learning from Stronger Foundations Program.


    Stronger Foundations will lift you out of high stress and burnout behaviours, into a more enjoyable and sustainable way of being.

    Stronger Foundations is an online program you can complete in your own time, at your own pace.  It’s designed for you to go deep - really getting to the heart of what drives burnout and how to structure life for more energy and vitality.

    The content is packed with the experience and stories from those who have gone before and backed up with evidence based research and tools to build your stronger foundations for more career longevity.

    The outcome is a new way forward that’s sustainable in the long-term.  It also helps you develop into a better leader, with the knowledge and skills to confidently handle burnout in those around you.


    Investing in our personal and professional growth with new topics and ways of thinking each month.


    Our coaching sessions support you with small chunks of knowledge that you can directly apply, unlock insight as well as set and achieve goals for your future.   Our aim is to draw out beliefs that aren’t serving you and helping you identify new ways of operating.  


    Each session is tailored to the group and driven by their requirements.   Not only will you be able to bring your own learning and challenges, but also learn from the experience of others.


    Sessions are a mix of applied learning from the Stronger Foundations Program as well as a theme for each month.  This involves a formal presentation and deep dive into topics of particular interest and relevance.  

    Example deep-dive topics:

    • Developing a high performance mindset

    • Overcoming barriers to saying ‘no’ more easily 

    • Easy ways of building meditation & mindfulness into your day

    • Utilising our strengths to best effect

    • Super charge your productivity

    • Being bold - how to speak up more in meetings.

    Beyond Burnout Program
    Beyond Burnout Energy to Burn

    Membership Options

    3 month membership - Access all services including Stronger Foundations + 2 x monthly Performance Coaching Sessions.


    Reserve a spot with a $50 deposit. (10 spots only)

    Due 10 January 2023

    • Once only payment AUD$799 or

    • 3 x monthly payments of AUD$280

    Monthly membership available after initial 3 months.

    Reserve a spot (limit 10)

    Coaching begins 10 January 2023

    Why Beyond Burnout?

    3 Areas of Specialist Capability

    • HIGH PERFORMANCE - Maintaining high function in the long-term

    • CAUTION – Proactively identifying areas of concern and moving away from high stress behaviours, back to high performance territory.

    • BURNOUT MANAGEMENT - Support across the Burnout Recovery Process, when expert help is required for high stress and burnout.

    Beyond Burnout - Energy to Burn

    Still have questions?

    Access full information about the Energy to Burn Membership, Stronger Foundations Program and Performance Coaching by following the link below.

    If you still have questions, please book a 15 minute zoom call in my calendar.   

    I look forward to having you in the membership. 

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